Roses + Chocolate = Valentine

Foto: Jessica Johnston ( – What do you expect for this Cupid’s favorite season? A bunch of flowers, a box of chocolate, or a sweet letter from your Mr. Right? Or maybe candlelight dinner with romantic nuance?

Do you ever wonder how giving flowers and chocolate on Valentine’s Day became a tradition? Chocolate is supposed to symbol of affection, attraction, deep love, luxury, passion, and sensuality. Some scientists have undertaken various studies and seen that chocolate is also an aphrodisiac. It increases the desire and energy levels. Endorphins are released.

So that’s why Richard Cadbury made the first box of chocolate in 1861.

Next is the flower. Each flower and color have respective meanings, and roses – specifically red roses, symbolize love and passion. The association of roses with love was also partly because of the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. This practice eventually grew popular around Victorian and was carried on to the modern era.

So today, Valentine will be not complete without the duo. The duo which can make romantic vibe for you on your spouse, or family, or friend spend the Loveday.