David Foster and Celine Dion: Two Inseparable Musicians



Soloevent.id – The closeness between David Foster and the world pop music diva, Celine Dion, is not limited to fellow countrymen: Canada. Several times, the two collaborated on Celine Dion’s albums or singles. David Foster did not only act as a producer, but also arranged and wrote songs to be sung by the diva.

Their collaboration has begun since 1990, when Celine Dion decided to start going international by releasing albums containing with English songs. Previously, Celine Dion was famous as a singer of French songs in her country and has produced dozens of albums.

The debut album, Unison (1990), marked the beginning of Celine Dion’s collaboration with David Foster who at the time acted as one of the producers. It was only on the third album, The Color of My Love (1993), David Foster began playing not only as a producer, but at the same time creating a song which was then used as the title of the album.

The highlight of the collaboration took place in 2012, when David Foster and Celine Dion released a special album for the Asian market titled The Best of Celine Dion & David Foster which marked 20 years of their collaboration in the world music industry. This album contains compilation of songs that have been produced, arranged, and written by David to sing Celine – not including 5 songs produced by David on the Unison album.

Even in several David Foster concerts, Celine Dion often appeared, presented as a guest star, both as a soloist and as a partner duet of other singers who were concert guests, including Andrea Bocelli and Brian McKnight. Likewise when Celine Dion held a concert, not infrequently David Foster often appeared as a special guest player.