Danadi’s New Collection: Look Charming during Ramadan


Soloevent.id – Want to look trendy and fashionable when iftar, halal bi halal, or reunion during Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr? Danadi Moslem Fashion is the key.

Well, welcoming Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, Danadi Moslem Fashion (group of Danar Hadi) re-issued its latest collection. This year, the clothes are themed “Padma Caitra”. This theme can be interpreted as “holy month”.

On Tuesday (05/15/2018), Danadi’s 16 new film collections were featured in the Fashion and Luncheon event at Narendra Restaurant, The Sunan Hotel Solo. Marketing Communication Area II of PT Batik Danar Hadi Solo, Inou M. Hernawan, said the collections were exhibited in four sequences, namely “Nitik Cakar Warna”, “Parangseling Puspa”, “Parang Sogan”, and “Bunga Ukel Marang”.


As a group from Danar Hadi, the clothes were made using batik, especially those with machete and sogan motifs. At the event, Danadi also noticed a collection of silk fabrics, modern silk Muslim clothes, and a combination of colors with elegant embroidery accents.

With the release of “Padma Caitra”, Danadi Moslem Fashion wants to provide fashion insights and can increase the value of self-beauty and the appearance of Indonesian women during the month of Ramadan and Eid.

General Manager of The Sunan Hotel Solo, Retno Wulandari, explained, Fashion and Luncheon are a regular agenda that combines the concept of fashion shows and lunch. “Through this event, we provide a stage for local designers,” she said.