Christmas and New Year Agenda at Six Malls in Solo

882 – Where do you want to spend Christmas and New Year holidays? Maybe you can stop by the malls in Solo. The malls have many events that enliven Christmas and New Year.

Here’s they are.

  1. Solo Square


(December 10-17) Welcoming Christmas, Solo Square held a “Christmas Joy 2018” event which contained performances of keroncong music, Angklung Kids Performance, Choirs and Christmas Socks Decorating Competition with flannel cloth.

(December 29-30) Solo Square cooperates with Larissa to make an Organic Village event. The event is not just a procedure for caring for the skin. Visitors can also get free consultations about plants that can be used to treat skin.


  1. Solo Grand Mall




(December 8) Joyfull Dance with Santa with KB TK Kristen Beta Surakarta and Solo Grand Mall

(December 22-25) Solo Coffe with talk shows, live music and PES Competition activities.

(December 8, 2018 – January 1, 2019) Bazzar Matahari Department Store. The items here are discounted up to 70%.


  1. Solo Paragon Mall


(December 15) Chrismas Concert. There is an appearance from “Our Surprise Choir” at the Escalator Solo Paragon Mall. There are Christmas Gift from Santa, visitors can take pictures with Santa.

(December 22) Story Line with Rory Wardana and Tika Indrawati


  1. Transmart Pabelan


(December 15) Magic Show Competition and Melody Music

(December 16) Mother’s Day Fashion Show and Wardrobe Rack Assembling Contest

(December 22) Beauty Class

(December 24) Choir

(December 29) Zumba party and Pizza Topping Competition

(December 30) Corn Eating Contest and Relay Shopping Contest

(December 31) Karaoke Competition and Salad Making Competition

Transmart Pabelan also held educational activities for example, Ranking 1 and Outing Class in the area of ​​Solo Transmart Pabelan.


  1. Hartono Mall Solo Baru


(December 17-22) Christmas Celebration

(December 23) New look Fashion Show 2019 feat Swaran Nusantara by Solopos.

(24-30 December) Self Make Up Revlon Challenge End Year.

Hartono Mall also held a Christmas Opera from the Padi Maria Martha Theater which entertained the younger siblings of the Anak Mandiri Orphanage and Beth-San.

In addition, the Christmas celebration at the Hartono Mall was also enlivened by a drama show titled “Jesus Shines” by Bethany Children Church Solo Baru with BCC and Fire Kids children.


  1. The Park Mall Solo Baru


(November 23, 2018-13 January 2019) The Sacred Riana Night Market and Haunted House in the Sentra Niaga Parking area, integrated area of ​​The Park Mall Solo Baru.

(December 21-January 2, 2019) The Park Culinary Festival 9 at South Park The Park Mall.

(December 13, 2018 – January 6, 2019) Sylvanian Families Live in Solo at the Atrium Broadway of The Park Mall.

That was the agenda for Christmas and New Year’s malls in Solo. Where do you want to spend your vacation?