Beautiful Moonlight with Ramayana Ballet

273 – Who says puppet show is only for old people? Take a look in the Ramayana Ballet at Taman Balekambang.

Many teenagers and children were enthusiastic about watching the show on Friday (05/17/2019). The Semarak Candrakirana studio was staging the play Geger Gua Kiskenda. Golek Tirta Kencana dance and Remo Putri dance are a performance for opening.

The peak finally begins. “Geger Gua Kiskenda” begins with chaos in the city where the kahyangan is invaded by a giant named Mahesasura and Lembusura. They want to marry Dewi Tara. Then war cannot be avoided. The Gods went to seek help from Subali and Sugriwa.

The big war came in Kiskenda Cave. After successfully winning the battle, there was a fight between Subali and Sugriwa in Ngalengka. The nephew of them, Hanoman, then asked Rama Wijaya for help. “Geger Gua Kiskenda” is a series of Ramayana epics.

Ramayana Ballet is routinely held every full moon in Taman Balekambang. This show is open to the public for free.

One of the actresses, Elizabeth Nugraheni Afianingtias, said she was happy to be able to play in the Ramayana Ballet. “I am from the Semarak Candrakirana studio. In this performance, I played Sugriwo and Subali’s mother. I often play like this and I love Javanese art,” said the 6th-semester student at the Surakarta UNS.

It is as an effort to promote Solo tourism by Solo City Government event, especially for foreign tourists. It is usually performed outdoor if any problem the performance will be moved at the Balekambang Arts Building. In every month, various dance studios will turn to play. They brought different titles for each performance at the Ramayana Ballet.