Ayom Java Village: Found Peace in Downtown


Soloevent.id – The chock-a-block city makes tired sometimes. The heavy workload makes your day harder. Maybe it will be gone after relaxing.

Well, Solo has a new resort with a Javanese atmosphere, Ayom Java Village. It opened on January 26, 2019.

You can feel peaceful here. The smell of spices and beautiful scenery will welcome you from the first step. The rooms are in brick-walled hallways. The shape of the building is similar to a Joglo house.

Marketing Communication Specialist Ayom Java Village (Ajavi) Mahrita Dwi Ariyanti explained the concept is provided to pamper guests.

To make the atmosphere of the village more distinctive, every day at 4.00 p.m., Ajavi will be giving out free and herbal snacks to guests.

There is a Pendhapa Sasangka that use as a venue for artists. Ajavi involved art communities to revive Pendapa so that the ambiance of Javanese culture became thicker, as well as an effort to preserve Javanese culture.

Every week, Ajavi opens opportunities for art activists, especially musical music, to be able to practice at Pendapa for free. The Pengrawit do not need to carry the gamelan because the instrument is fully available.

“We discuss it with art activists from the Indonesian Institute of the Arts (ISI) Surakarta to revive Pendapa. Finally, we have a program every Sunday called Ripto Karyo. This program is a solution for gamelan artists who look for a place to practice but are constrained by several things, such as costs and places,” Riri said when met by Soloevent on Thursday (07/18/2019).

Also, every three months Ajavi holds art performances. This July, Ayom Java Village collaborates with Nur Handayani. Pesinden has performed in various places in Indonesia and International.

Ajavi also facilitates weddings at affordable prices. You can choose in Pendapa (outdoor) or room (indoor). Outdoor can accommodate 100 pax, while indoor capacity is 70 pax.

If you want to stay overnight, Ajavi provides 21 rooms/cabins with five types. Prices start from IDR 1.4 million per night (2 people + 1 child) for Janur type (type 1) to IDR 5.4 million for Madu Suara type (type 5) for six adults. FYI, each room has a private pool.