Aerohajj Launches New Charter Routes

218 – Going to Jeddah or Medina from Solo has more options now. On Thursday (1/8/2019), Garuda Indonesia through Aerohajj (PT Aero Globe Indonesia) launched a charter program for the Solo-Jeddah and Solo-Madinah routes.

PIC Garuda the Solo-Jeddah and Solo-Madinah charter program, Andini Larasati, explained that they trusted to give a service travel agent to book Garuda Indonesia charter flights.

Andini said Aerohajj has iconic service. Aerohajj will pick up the participants from their travel agencies to depart via the Adi Soemarmo Airport Solo.

“We pick participants up from each travel office,” Andini explained at the Lorin Solo Hotel Pura Kencana Ballroom.

Meanwhile, General Manager of PT Angkasa Pura I Solo, Abdullah Usman, explained that the Garuda charter would increase the number of Solo-Jeddah and Solo-Madinah departures at Adi Soemarmo Airport. “Garuda’s program has five departures. Three times a week and the charter program two times,” he explained.

The airport station opens on October 1. This airport station connects to Solo and  Tugu Yogyakarta Station so that passengers increasingly provide with convenience.

“The temporary airport station opens on October 1, 2019. We still discuss whether from PT KAI or a joint venture to run it,” Abdullah added.

The CEO of PT Garuda Indonesia Air Charter Muhammad Harri Sahinudin Lubis in his remarks hoped that the opening of the Garuda charter program for the Solo-Jeddah and Solo-Madinah routes was expected to establish an honest business partnership and following rules in Islam.

The launching of the Solo-Jeddah and Solo-Madinah charter attend by 300 Umrah and Hajj travel agencies from Yogyakarta, Solo, and Semarang. Aerohajj is a subsidiary under the Garuda Indonesia Group that opens direct routes Solo-Jeddah and Solo-Madinah.