Hysteria from Actors of Yowis Ben 2 at the Park Mall


Soloevent.id – Actors from Yowis Ben 2 held a meet n greet at The Park Mall Solo on Friday (3/15/2019). They performed with complete formations, namely Bayu Skak, Joshua Suherman, Brandon Salim, and Tutus Thomson. The director Fajar Nugros was also come.

The Park Mall atrium was crowded by fans was increasingly excited when Bayu Skak et al. get off the bus. “Solo piye kabar e cah? Rame tenan,” Bayu said from the stage.

They began to invite exclamations on the meet and greet. Brandon also greeted using Javanese. “Piye kabare? Yen wong Solo ora ayu, ora opo-opo. Sing penting kan nyaman,” greeted laughter of fans.

After all actors greeted visitors, four personnel of Yowis Ben: Brandon (pianist), Joshua (vocalist, guitarist), Tutus (drummer), and Bayu (vocalist, base) immediately performed. The excitement continued when Yowis Ben played his flagship song “Gak Isoh Turu”, “Sego Pecel” and “Tak Ambung Pipimu”.

After holding a meet and greet, Yowis Ben 2 actors stopped by XXI the Park Mall to hold watch their movie together.

Yowis Ben 2 tells the life of four high school kids from Malang who formed a music group called Yowis Ben. This movie will explore the twists and turns of the band’s struggle to achieve popularity. However, it is not easy. Problems from each personnel began to emerge. Yayan is married to Mia, Nando’s family life has been in shock since his father decided to remarry, until Doni’s ambition to have a girlfriend. Bayu also has problems with his family and lover.

Not only laugh, you can see the actors cry a lot on its. In addition, you can also hear new songs from Yowis Ben.

In its first film, Yowis Ben managed to get more than 900 thousand spectators. In fact, it received an appreciation from the Indonesian President Joko Widodo. Yowis Ben 2 has aired in theaters starting March 14, 2019.