A Message from Nufi Wardhana


Soloevent.id – Nufi Wardhana, a singer who skyrocketed through cover songs on YouTube, entertained her fans at The Sunan Hotel Solo Ballroom on Friday (05/18/2019), at the Romance Sore event. The event is the routine agenda of The Sunan Hotel Solo.

Because it held in Ramadan, so it was also a place to gather between the guests, the staff of The Sunan Hotel Solo, Nufi Wardhana fans, and 30 children from the Aitam Islamic Boarding School.

Bringing six songs, Nufi started by singing a cover song from Iksan Scooter, Bangsa Penakluk. The song’s lyrics contain admiration for the greatness of this nation.

Nufi always breaks the silence. Wearing an all-white suit, Nufi Wardhana entertained her fans with her voice and funny ice-breaking. She wasn’t only made her fans being melted but also unite with diversity message.

“Harmony occurs in diversity as in this nation,” she said before singing Pesan Damai.

The song she created highlighted the issue of intolerance that often occurs in the country. The lyrics of the song contain a message to maintain peace amid diversity. “We better drink a cup of coffee, harmonize logic and heart and respect each other,” the lyrics in Pesan Damai.

The next song, Nufi still plays her song, “1,600 Km”. The song was created from a feeling for having LDR story. The song contains lyrics that have meaning in hers, Kamu adalah ketidakmungkinan yang aku semogakan.

Then, she sang some cover songs, such as Kangen from Dewa 19, Benci Untuk Mencinta from Naif and closed with Risalah Hati from Dewa.

At the end of the event, Nufi distributed chocolate to her fans as a form of respect and love.